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Bariatric Support

Psychological Services Group is a small team of experienced and empathic psychologists, passionate about assisting clients overcome various mental health concerns (such as depression and anxiety), as well as supporting them in developing healthier self-esteem, more satisfying interpersonal relationships, and more fulfilling life experiences. In addition, two of our therapists work in the specialised area of providing assessment and support to bariatric patients. We work with individuals, couples, families, and groups - children, adolescents, and adults. We are located in the inner western suburb of Williamstown.

Psychological services

Our small team of skilled and experienced psychologists work to assist in alleviating distress and reducing symptoms associated with mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. Find out more about what we do - and how we do it.

Meet our psychologists

We each have particular strengths and special interests. Some of our specialisations include Bariatric support and weight management counselling, Chronic Illness Management, Personality Disturbance, Self-esteem, and Postnatal Depression. Find out who we are.

What is a psychologist

Find out the answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions, such as how can a psychologist help? How long does treatment last? And, what are the fees?

Or use our contact form to ask Psychological Services Group more questions.

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