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Bariatric Patient Support and Preoperative Assessment

Bariatric Psychology is a unique and specialised area that aims to support clients who are above their most comfortable weight (overweight or obese) and who may be considering (or have previously undergone) weight-loss surgery. Our therapists can assist with weight management, motivational and behavioural (including health behaviour) problems, disordered eating (such as binge-eating disorder or over-eating), body image, body dissatisfaction, and identity issues, self-esteem and self-acceptance, support and relational stress, as well as symptoms of anxiety or depression associated with weight problems.

Psychological assessments for preoperative bariatric (weight-loss surgery) patients aim to identify any concerns and/or risk-factors relating to:

  • Understanding of surgery, risks, and management requirements as well as ability to access relevant information,
  • Motivational or behavioural problems,
  • Negative self-talk/beliefs regarding ability to manage weight effectively, including identiy as a 'large' person
  • Current and relevant previous mental health problems
  • Maladaptive health behaviours
  • Unhelpful food,eating, and weight associations and messages
  • Social supports
  • Communication and assertiveness
  • Importantly, management and/or minimisation strategies are also discussed for any identified concerns so that patients might be as successful following surgery as can be.
  • Preoperative Bariatric Assessments are only conducted at Hobson's Bay Specialist Centre, Williamstown

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We work closely with Associate Professor Peter Nottle and his team. Visit: for more information about bariatric surgery.

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